Med-Ren Colloquium

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The UNC Medieval and Renaissance Colloquium is an interdisciplinary speaker series dedicated to the study of premodern literary culture in all of its forms. The Colloquium meets Thursdays at 5:15 PM, roughly five to seven times per semester; it is organized by Taylor Cowdery ( and H. M. Cushman ( Please feel free to contact them with questions as they arise.

Fall 2022 Schedule

Thursday September 8, 5:15 PM; Greenlaw Hall 223 (Donovan Lounge)
Margaret Maurer (UNC-Chapel Hill), “Everyday Alchemy: Transcribing and Making Alchemical Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century Domestic Recipe Books”

Thursday September 29, 5:15 PM; Greenlaw Hall 223 (Donovan Lounge)
Robert J. Meyer-Lee (Agnes Scott College), “The Problem of Canonicity”

Friday November 4, 5:15 PM; Greenlaw Hall 223 (Donovan Lounge)
John Parker (University of Virginia), “The Secularization of the Liturgy: From Augustine to the Latin Easter Plays”
*Please note that this talk will be held on a Friday

Thursday November 17, 5:15 PM; Greenlaw Hall 223 (Donovan Lounge)
Evan Gurney (University of North Carolina-Asheville), “‘Brought up in the university of bridewell’: Beggarly Rhetorics and Rhetorical Beggars in Early Modern England”

Thursday December 1, 5:15 PM; Greenlaw Hall 223 (Donovan Lounge)
Rory Sullivan (UNC-Chapel Hill), “Virtual Narratives of Late-Medieval Books of Hours”

The Med-Ren Colloquium acknowledges the generous support of the School of Arts and Sciences and MEMS @ UNC.