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The Advisory Board of the Program in Medieval and Early Modern Studies is comprised of faculty from across the College of Arts and Sciences at UNC who have agreed to serve multi-year, renewable terms.

Members of the Board have the following core responsibilities: (1) the selection of two scholars for the year’s Wiley Keynote lectures from a pool of nominees; (2) the selection of winning applications for grants from the Wiley fund, Gilman funds, and other monies; and (3) the approval of new appointments to the MEMS Board by vote. Members also (4) advise the Director of MEMS on program business where needed and (5) serve as ambassadors for the program to their respective areas, departments, and disciplines.

The current composition of the Advisory Board is as follows:





Dr. Jessica Wolfe (chair)

English and Comparative Literature 2023-28 Early modern Italy and England; comparative literature and science; Homer, Spenser, Browne, Milton

Dr. Jes Boon

Religious Studies 2024-29 Mysticism and Catholicism in medieval and early modern Spain; theories of embodiment, especially those relating to gender, sexuality, disability, and race; histories of medicine, emotion, and materiality

Dr. Harry Cushman

English and Comparative Literature 2023-28 Medieval drama; vernacular theology and the religious culture of late-medieval England

Dr. Suzanne Lye

Classics 2023-28 Ancient Greek religion and magic; Homer and Homeric reception; gender and ethnicity in antiquity

Dr. Hassan Melehy

Romance Studies 2023-28 Early modern France and political thought; Jack Kerouac, critical theory, and French film

Dr. Morgan Pitelka

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 2023-28 Late-medieval and early modern Japan; art, material culture, and social ritual; urban and environmental history of the 16th and 17th centuries

Dr. Aleksandra Prica

German and Slavic 2023-28 Late-medieval and early modern Germany; exegesis and the medieval interpretation of the Bible; philosophy and literature

Dr. Ellen Welch

Romance Studies 2023-28 17th- and 18th-century France; travel, imperialism, and diplomacy in the early modern world; theatre and ballet

Dr. Brett Whalen

History 2023-26 Intellectual, religious, and cultural history of medieval Europe; the medieval papacy; crusades, apocalyptic thought, and pilgrimage


To contact the Board, please write to Dr. Jessica Wolfe, the current chair, at, or write to the current MEMS Director, Dr. Taylor Cowdery, at