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Paul Stapleton (PhD Candidate, English and Comparative Lit)

Paul Stapleton PhotoPaul Stapleton‘s primary research focus is the early modern period, and his dissertation, under the direction of Prof. Jessica L. Wolfe, addresses the image of the cross as it is represented in sixteenth-century English literature, especially Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene. He has recently published three articles:

“King Arthur, Badon Hill, and Iconoclasm in Milton’s History of Britain” in Renaissance Papers 2013 (2014): 147-159.

“Books Personified in Milton’s Areopagitica and Bellarmine’s Controversies” in Notes and Queries 259 [new series 61.3] (2014): 380-383.

“Alcuin’s York Poem and Liturgical Contexts: Oswald’s Adoration of the Cross” Medium Ævum 82.2 (2013): 189-212.

Robert Babcock (Classics)

Babcock PhotoRobert Babcock‘s primary research focus is on Latin manuscripts and Medieval Latin literature, and for the past decade he has increasingly concentrated on manuscripts and writers from the region of Liège (Belgium) in the tenth and eleventh centuries.

“Invented Speeches and the Teaching of Declamation in the Tenth-Century Schools of Liège.” In Amicorum Societas. Mélanges offerts à François Dolbeau. Edited by J. Elfassi, C. Lanéry, A.-M. Turcan-Verkerk (Florence, 2013), 19-26.

“The Temple of Sapientia and the Temple of Soloman in the Brussels Psychomachia (MS10066-77): Illustration and Exegesis in Eleventh-Century Liège.” Scriptorium 66 (2012), 185-188.

“A Tenth-Century Reader of Lucretius, Stephen of Liège († 920).” Latomus (Dec 2014). Forthcoming.

“New Autograph Fragments of the Metrical Commentary on Ecclesiastes by Sigebert of Gembloux.” Latomus (March 2015). Forthcoming.

Carl Ernst (Religious Studies)

Carl Ernst PhotoCarl Ernst is a specialist in Islamic studies, with a focus on West and South Asia. His published research, based on the study of Arabic, Persian, and Urdu, has been mainly devoted to the study of three areas: general and critical issues of Islamic studies, premodern and contemporary Sufism, and Indo-Muslim culture.

“Wakened by the Dove’s Trill: Structure and Meaning in the Arabic Preface of Rumi’s Mathnawi, Book IV.” In The Philosophy of Ecstasy: Rumi and the Sufi Tradition. Edited by Leonard Lewisohn (London: I. B. Tauris, 2014).

“‘A Little Indicates Much’: Structure and Meaning in the Prefaces of Rumi’s Mathnawi (Books I-III).” Mawlana Rumi Review V (2014), 14-25.

“Muslim Interpreters of Yoga.” In Yoga: The Art of Transformation. Edited by Debra Diamond (Smithsonian Books, 2013), 59-68.

Evyatar Marienberg (Religious Studies)

Marienberg PhotoEvyatar Marienberg‘s research focuses on the study of beliefs and practices of lay Jews and Christians from various periods. He is working now on a study of traditional Jewish guides to marital sexuality.

“Traditional Jewish Sexual Practices and Their Possible Impact on Jewish Fertility and Demography.” Harvard Theological Review 106:3 (2013), 243-286.

Katherine Walker (PhD Candidate, English and Comparative Literature)

Katherine Walker PhotoKatherine Walker is currently working on a dissertation titled “Reading the Natural and Preternatural Worlds in Early Modern Drama.” Her research interests include early modern science, magic, and folklore, particularly the ways which notions of animistic or preternatural ecologies operate in early modern dramatic landscapes.

“‘Sometimes an Actor Himselfe’: Robert Burton and Therapeutic Theatricality” in Prose Studies 35.3 (2013)

“Spectatorship and Vision in The York Corpus Christi Plays,” Comitatus (September 2014)

“Early Modern Almanacs and The Witch of Edmonton,” Early Modern Literary Studies (Forthcoming)


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